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A Rollercoaster Year

It's true, 2017 has been a strange year for us in SL. We decided to have a quiet year to concentrate on recording and more to the point mastering the new EP - "Out of Order", and it's also true it's taken longer than we expected. Turns out having the equipment and enthusiasm is only the start of the process of recording things ourselves, making good songs sound AWESOME takes a lot more fine tuning (and a hell of a lot of patience). 
But, in among all of this, we have played some truly amazing gigs. March saw us over in Wales for Hard Rock Hell AOR Festival. Amazing Festival that it is truly a privilege to be asked to play. The Crowd were beyond what we could have wished for and our inflatables guitars were well received by the drunken masses. 

At the beginning of Summer, we were super happy to be asked back to play the 10th anniversary of Sunk Fest, out in the sticks of Sunk Island where no one can complain about how hard you PARTY!!!

We then had the honour of being asked to play the Celebration of all things Alternative at the Alternative Model of the Year Competition #AMOTY2017. Valen was the winner of the Male Category in 2016, and was asked to host the 2017 competition along with us playing the interval show. It's always going to be an odd show when the stage is a catwalk, and there is seating either side, but we had one hell of a party, the audience even got up on the catwalk and partied with us, took a while to settle everyone down to hear the competition results.

Halloween saw a last minute insane gig. We got booked for Serpentween which unfortunately was pulled, but instead of letting it lie as one less gig, Valen (being the insane man he is) whipped round and rang the bands and the venue and booked his own gig, re-titled "Hellmouth". Considering the last minute nature of it all, the bands played amazingly and we all had a crazy time.

Finally, the last notable performance, and last performance of the year was in Yardbirds, Grimsby, supporting the awesome Skarlett Riot and Santa Cruz on their UK Tour. A freezing cold Thursday night and the place was packed out, proving that the live music scene is very much alive. Made many new friends and fans. It was such a fun and suitable end to the year. 

We in SL need to thank every one of the venues and bands we have played with, and of course, our patient fans, New and Old, who have stuck by us...Roll on 2018!!!

2017 - New Year, New Plans

That's right, 2017 is upon us and we have much planned. Unfortunately due to a variety unforeseen delays and putting gigs before production, 2016 did not see the release of our new EP. Because of this we have decided to focus the first part of the 2017 on getting more of our music available for our fans instead of gigging the way we have for the past couple of years.

That being said, we have made a couple of exceptions; once again making our appearance at Metal 2 the Masses and of course traveling over to Wales to perform at the Monumental HARD ROCK HELL AOR. 

We have a lot more coming in the pipeline, but not wanting to spoil any surprises you will all have to wait and see what happens.

Busy Month ahead

So we have now entered August and we are currently looking at a many big and exciting gigs throughout. On top of that we are deep in the final stages of the new EP recording (forgive the timeline, we have been doing it ourselves in Dr Lixx's sexual Aural Laboratory and would rather perfection over speed), AND we are in the midst of writing several new songs for your audio delight to be merged into the setlists later this year...so...keep your eyes and ears peeled folks because there is far more exciting shit to come!!

An Unfortunate Parting

I'm afraid we have unfortunate news, we have sadly parted ways with Joey Jynxx. 

Joey has been a key part of Sordid Lies from the very beginning and his talent for songwriting and structure will be sorely missed, however we wish him all the best with his future endeavors and if Sordid Lies is anything to go by, we know he will do well.

Photoshoot for the Vain Ones

Had an awesome time doing our first professional photoshoot yesterday with Burning Heart photography...Yeah we know we are behind the times. We were obviously far to busy writing new awesome tracks to ponder the depths of our beauty...well, other than Valen who obviously puts aesthetics before everything.

On that note we have exciting things coming up this year, New Pro Photos, New Songs, New EP...its all so New and Exciting!!! So stay tuned for more updates on the coming of Sordid Lies in 2016!!

Upcoming Gigs

There are currently no upcoming gigs. Please check back soon.

Twitter Feed

Incase you missed it, here is the link to the #lyricvideo for #tonightsthenight - https://t.co/DyzjZ2byhFhttps://t.co/YEB7kP9M7A

Here is it, What you have all been waiting for.... "Tonight's the Night" people and we are going to make this Frida… https://t.co/kiuzILDWaJ

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/T3dz0nPJNc Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars) ROCK COVER by Saints Of Sin

RT @mayhemradiouk: A Hot and fresh slice of @SordidLies now on Mayhem Radio. Sleaze Rock Sinner #nowplaying Believe every word!

Today: Doncaster, United Kingdom - Oct 29 at Hellmouth https://t.co/kqOzsV7FuV

This Weekend: Doncaster, United Kingdom - Oct 29 at Hellmouth https://t.co/1bZcdiomfp

Today: Manchester, United Kingdom - Oct 21 at Alternative Model ... https://t.co/scsPKpA7P0

This Weekend: Manchester, United Kingdom - Oct 21 at Alternativ... https://t.co/CIiGPdmfis

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