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About Sordid Lies

Taking the soul of the Eighties hair metal scene and blending it with modern hard rock and sleaze, fueled by a heart of intensity and attitude!

2012 saw the birth of the British Sleaze Band, Sordid Lies, when the musical machinations of Dr Lixx and Joey Jynxx came together. 

The Doc and Joey (originally the bassist at the time) put their minds and talent together to write a few riffs in the Doc's studio with the only musical ambition being that they wanted to write catchy, feel good music that could incite a party!After a while though, they realized that in order to do this, they need a frontman. And not just any frontman; a frontman who was, and I quote, "arrogant, in-your face, vain, flirtatious, and a bit of an arsehole but somehow gets away with it." (Yes, actually being able to sing wasn't an initial requirement). 

So they approached Valen Vain...who for some reason considered all of these aspects to be complimentary.After the creation of a few songs and an extensive search for other members, early 2013 saw the addition of Dani Stix rocking up the drums and Bassist Captain Cliche (who turned up to the audition wearing the fabled Pirate Hat, before he knew it he had been given the role, even before he'd shown his bass skill. That hat displayed the level of audacity that the Sordid Lies was looking for). Together they set about composing Songs that were so Catchy that STI's were jealous!

Excessive Flamboyance, Sass and Attitude granted Sordid Lies the ability to headline their first ever gig and they hit the stage as if they were performing to thousands. Eager to get their music out there, Sordid Lies released their first EP "Vanity Project" early 2013 after rushing through an intense weekend with the excessively patient Africa Studios. 

2016 saw the Band take things into their own hands, heading to Dr Lixx's "Operation Theatre" to record their next EP, that was due to be released later in the year. However 2016 had a few hiccups in store for the guys. May 2016 held one of which, seeing the departure of founding member Joey Jynxx and after much deliberation the remaining members all agreed to continue on as a 4 piece.

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