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Captain Cliche, Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals

After tiring of being hunted on the Seven C's of Metal, Captain Cliche (pronounced Cal-eye-sch) took refuge in an out of the way rehearsal room, little did he know that this was the very room that Sordid Lies were holding their auditions. Not wanting to appear out of place, the Cap donned his bass aka, The Cheese Warriors, and applied, unbeknownst to him, the boys had already decided that the simple fact that he turned up to the audition wearing a pirate hat meant that he had already displayed the sheer audacity that the boys were looking for, the fact that his was skilled with his instrument merely benefited a deal they had already considered as done.

The Cap is an avid illustrator and spend much of his time sketching away...some creations of which are even pilfered by the band as designs for merchandise, sometimes, much to his frustration. His creativity and resourcefulness became particularly evident when he arranged and shot the Mockumentary "Behind the lies" and the trending music video "devils Daughter. 

Though is abundance of creativity comes at a price, the Cap is known not to be a morning person...this statement is better interpreted as "don't be around when he's just woken up". Classic banter includes "God you boys are fucking loud in the morning," "Dude it's like 2pm", "Oh really? Fuck! Well Still!!" - The man takes no prisoners.

As well as rocking up the Bass, Captain Cliche is also the foremost backing vocalist in Sordid Lies, subsequently he has to put up with Valen's ego slightly more than the others whilst they sort harmonies and apt gang vocals. 

Captain Cliche's main influences include Santa Cruz, H.E.A.T, Danger Danger, Firehouse, Tesla, Def Leppard...in fact, if it came from, or was heavily inspired by the 80's then it is unlikely that he wont like it.

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