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Dani Stix, Drums

It is a little known fact, but Dani Stix struggles to form an entire sentence without hitting, tapping or clanging something. The "beat" is that ingrained into him that it is become a vital part of him being able to think clearly. 

As the young-blood of the band, Dani quickly establish a reputation in the Band as "the Cougar Magnet", It seemed that no matter where the Boys went, gigs, nights out, even just the pub, a cougar would prowl her way over and start talking to him...or grind against him. The rest of the band state "We would have helped him from the more vigorous women but great amusement and fear of being targeted meant that we couldn't."

Dani is a pretty laid back kid Happy to go with the flow with any of the others plots and schemes, but if it's been a while since he's played, he gets fidgety and will end up drumming any surface available. In such circumstances, the rest of the band tend to expect that a good half hour of the next rehearsal will be wasted whilst Dani get's it out of his system on his ever expanding drum kit...we aren't entirely sure where he stores it all!!

Dani's drumming style is self taught and is influenced by bands such as Five Finger Death Punch, Murderdolls, Stonesour, Rammstein and Avenged Sevenfold - Yes, its a little heavier than you'd expect, but that is our little Noise Machine. 

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