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Dr Lixx, Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals

2015 saw Dr Lixx quite literally become a Doctor, But with all that Science rolling around in his brain, he needed a release for his trapped creativity and so he turned to the most reliable rock instrument, the guitar, and thus he made it his own!! His fingers moved like an epileptic spider as he shred solos like none had ever seen before...or so they say.

The first time Joey and Valen heard him rock out a solo during the first writing sessions they were dumbstruck by how unreasonably awesome he was...considering he was studying for his doctorate!! 

Despite this, the Doc's scientific mind has always craved the science behind the music, and thus he is the resident Tech head of the band, steadily creating his own mad scientist's studio of musical mayhem. Lixx is always the first one to ask about how things work and always the first to understand the answers whilst the others attempt to look interested in the guy/girl that is making them sound more amazing! This occasionally can cause friction in the band as he aims for perfection within their music.

The Doctor has always been heavily inspired buy the Rock legends of the 80's; Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Edguy etc but more recently has found his tastes enjoying H.E.A.T, The Wild Lies and Saints of Sin.

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