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Valen Vain, Front man aka The Singer

THE Vainglorious Ponce that is the front man of Sordid Lies, Valen Vain started out as an Alternative Male Model and Compere, living life to pose and have his vanity pandered to, until the day he was approached by Dr Lixx and Joey. At that point his life changed to embrace over-the-top, glammed up performance...Not that he was any stranger to that anyway.

Performance, or as he terms it "Showing-Off", comes naturally to Valen, having always embraced the attention seeking ways from a young age. Always one to push the boundaries of "appropriate", Valen revels in causing an atmosphere that is Filthy, Crude and In-your-face Glammed-Up Ponceyness, He states that his main aim when he hits the stage is that everyone will feel the party animal inside and let the good times flow, ESPECIALLY if they are happy being miserable.

Valen is openly reputed to be as deep as a puddle in Summer, and is subsequently almost fanatical about his Shits and Giggles, got-to-have-a-good-time-and-look-good-doing-it Philosophy. "There is no excuse for not having fun," He says and that is exactly what he does. This can be problematic as he frequently gets caught up in banter with the audience.

He is reputably unreasonably busy, as his fear of boredom means he constantly looks to make things more amusing.

Valen is heavily inspired by the whole of the 80's period, Mr Big, Skid Row, Motley Crue, Slaughter, Tesla, Unsigned bands the like of Bad Touch, Gunner and Saints of Sin have also had a big effect on him and he has been know to get excitable over Devin Townsend, Genetorturer, Hed (PE) and other alternative bands...depends what flighty mood takes him.

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