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Danielle Partis

Sordid Lies, are a sparkling, salacious 5 piece based in Hull, UK. Taking elements from both classic rock and hair metal, to create an infectious, upbeat sound, the sound coming out of this band is nothing short of obscene. The phrase 'tongue in cheek' comes to mind when asked to describe Sordid Lies, but given the nature of song titles like "Dirty Girl", and "Fist of an Angry God", it wouldn't surprise me if you found their proverbial tongue in other places. After only a few short months, Sordid Lies have been in and out of the studio recording their first EP, headlined their own debut gig, and have drummed up a big amount of attention with their flamboyant, cliché persona. They are definitely one to watch and not a band you're going to ignore easily! Sordid Lies are committed to making a big impact this year, with stadium sized tunes and enough cheese to put Somerset out of business.

Company Name : Denim & Leather E-Zine

Company Link : http://www.denimandleatheruk.net/

Dom Smith

If Steel Panther shagged all three of the witches in the film Hocus Pocus (while playing their instruments) at the same time and recorded the audio, then Sordid Lies would be the result.

Company Name : SoundSphere Magazine

Company Link : http://www.soundspheremag.com/

Clair Arris Harris

What a refreshing experience it was to watch the crowd light up with such enthusiasm and involvement. Sordid lies played a smashing performance with added intervals of epic hilarity. .. We've had an erray of positive feedback from the public and staff alike and look forward to welcoming you sleazy lot back to Nottingham in the near future. . Many thanks

Company Name : Ye Olde Salutation Inn, Nottingham

Company Link : http://www.salutationpub.com/

Sarah Sharp

Well the best of sleaze was indeed brought to Bradford at last Saturday's Trap Door in the form of the seductive Sordid Lies…With their catchy hooks, riffs metal enough to melt the face and belting vocals delivered with an attitude seldom seen since the days of eighties hair metal and......all delivered in a high energy highly entertaining show these boys deserve to be noticed!

Company Name : Trap Door

Company Link : http://www.trapdoorbradford.co.uk/

Charley Grace Eddy

Last but not least, was the new band ‘Sordid Lies’. Now I didn’t know what to make of these. All I could see was pirate hats, leather snake skin trousers, feather earrings, and inflatable guitars. I felt like I was in the Rocky Horror Show! But this band was weirdly wonderful. I would class their genre as ‘punk’ with comedy elements as the lead singer was so enthusiastic and managed to get the crowd giggling on more than one occasion. Playing an all original set. My favourite line was of course ‘whiskey by the double’.

Company Name : Scunthorpe Nights

Company Link : http://scunthorpenights.co.uk/2015/03/29/guest-review-battle-of-the-bands-final-the-baths-hall/

Paul Chunk Watling

Sordid Lies are beautiful Boozy Bastards who blow like a storm and leave your wife feeling like she’s wet herself

Company Name : Sunk Fest

Company Link : http://www.sunkfest.co.uk/

David Elf

The ultimate in-your-face, unashamed sleaze-cheese-rock extravaganza at it’s very, very, VERY finest!

Company Name : Africa Studios

Company Link : http://www.recording-studio-hull.com/01home.html

Lulu Davenport

The morning starts off slow and steady as a crowd slowly forms hull based band Sordid Lies lighten the mood with their cheery panto banter while drawing them in nice and slowly to tracks ‘Devils Daughter’, ‘Vanity Project’ and ‘Dirty Girl’.

Company Name : Midlands Rocks

Company Link : http://www.themidlandsrocks.com/degeneration-festival-beeston-nottingham-28th-to-30th-august-2015/

Mark Donnelly

Mitch Malloy - Making Noise European Tour 2016

The Corporation, Sheffield - Saturday 17th September 2016

My wife, Carol, made the last minute, unexpected, decision to accompany me to this evening’s show. We arrived at 8.00pm expecting to have missed the opening act and just in time to catch Kaato; however, as we entered the venue Sordid Lies were just taking to the stage. It transpired that Kaato would not be playing this evening (reason unknown) and the East Yorkshire rockers were handed an extended set. They grasped the nettle with both hands and put in a brilliant performance. The early reception was lukewarm but that did not detract the band from 2017’s city of the uncultured, Hull! These guys play their brand of sleazy, melodic metal that was the staple diet of the Sunset Strip thirty years ago. The enigmatic frontman Valen Vain, who looks and sings like the love child of Axl Rose and Scott Weiland, (with Librace as his Godfather!) engaged the crowd who warmed to the band throughout their set of mostly original numbers including ‘Devil’ Daughter’, ‘Dirty Girl’, ‘Turn It Up!’

Bass guitarist Captain Cliché (you’ve just got to laugh) made a striking figure with his black & white chef-style trousers and tricorn hat; guitarist Dr. Lixx (real doctor) certainly knows how to shred; and the band is completed by the youngest member Dani Stix (who came up with these names?).

A rousing version of Billy Idol’s ‘Rebel Yell’ cemented a triumphant performance. Sordid Lies provided an object lesson to any young band: work hard but do so with a smile on your face and the majority of the time the crowd will follow. Rock ‘n’ roll is supposed to be fun and Sordid Lies certainly know who to entertain in a fun way.

Company Name : Independant Reviewer

Company Link : https://www.scribd.com/document/325054167/Mitch-Malloy-Sordid-Lies-Sheffield-Corporation-17-09-2016#download

Dave Attrill

MITCH MALLOY/Sordid Lies – Corporation, Sheffield, Saturday 17th September, 2016

And here we go people with the openers for the America’s Double M tonight, Hull’s Sordid Lies who dish up a sweet Tigertailz-meets-Pretty Boy Floyd plateload for fifty five minutes In fact, their slot space was increased due to the other act Kaato having been forced to jump ship at last minute. The bands audience-pleasing eighties barrage is as outrageously behaved as it would have been in the genre's heyday.

Huge anthems such as 'Turn It Up', 'Tonight’s The Night', 'Rockin' Ain't A Crime' and their riotous run-over of Billy's 'Rebel Yell' lure rapturous attention. Singer, Valen Vain keeps stage presence at the height of his priorities with plenty of prancing across the back of his three bandmates and a multitude of classic mike stand postures whilst pelting out hook after hook.

Despite their line up having apparently shrunk (their rhythm guitarist left earlier this year) these lads don't let anything loosen the boards beneath them. The Priest influences evident on the lead guitarist's shirt spread audibly to their singers delivery with a deliciously Halford-like scream at the end of a couple of tracks which starts to wring out a couple of smiling reactions in the crowd.

Despite their line up having apparently shrunk (their rhythm guitarist left earlier this year)this set is an evidently significant dot in the dairy for these bolshy British lads making a lamented sound people still long for here in 2016.

Company Name : Metalliville Zine

Company Link : http://www.metalliville.co.uk/bankup/LIVE%20Folder/M.htm

Lynn Carberry

Sordid Lies take pageantry and showmanship to whole new level. You may have seen their lead singer, Valen Vain (aptly named) around the site looking akin to a glam rock magpie and single headedly taking the title of ‘Best Accessories of the Weekend’. The band celebrate all things ostentatious and if you stand too close you may well have the singer power-thrust his crotch in your face. But don’t let the feather boa’s fool you, this band are one to watch with their sleazy riffs and high vocals. Definitely one to catch if coming to a venue near you!

Company Name : Belfast Metalheads Reunited

Company Link : http://belfastmetalheadsreunited.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/live-review-hard-rock-hell-aor-2017-day.html

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